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What: Trash pick-up in the public and highly-visible areas

Where: Choose from the sites listed or suggest another. We’ll add it to the map!

How: Just click on Register now! and select your site. But hurry, while your favorite spot is still available! Or stop by the Lakeview Room in City Park on Cleanup Day.

When: Anytime from April 22-27. During the week, please place them in the dumpster next to the salt/sand shed at the Public Works complex, 1419 2nd Ave S. The shed is just off of the West entrance on 2nd Ave S. A dumpster will be available at City Park after 9:30 a.m. on Saturday April.

Prizes: Be sure to take a selfie of your team and post it at #cltrashbash for a chance to win a prize!

Details: All ages are welcome (young children should have supervision). Bags are available at the Chamber, 205 Main Ave.

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Teams Participating This Year in 2019

  • Association for the Preservation of Clear Lake
  • Associaton for the Preservation of Clear Lake
  • BE WELLness
  • CL Tel
  • ChrisVela
  • Clear Lake Chamber Directors
  • Clear Lake Classical--grades 3-8
  • Clear Lake Evening Lions
  • Clear Lake Jaycees
  • FlorVela
  • Futrell
  • GHV Middle School Student Council
  • Girl Scout Troop 20458
  • Girl Scout Troop 21026
  • Goat getters
  • Kellogg
  • Kelpiex
  • Lukepex
  • MBT Bank
  • ManNug
  • McKesson
  • MiraVela
  • N. 35th Street Neighborhood
  • Noon Lions
  • North Iowa Regional Board of Realtors
  • North Iowa SPIN Club
  • North Iowa Touring Club
  • Panther Parents
  • PentjuhinDN
  • Team Lovell
  • Team V-Town
  • Team VFW
  • Ventura Mayor & Council
  • VidmVela
  • Woodford Lumber & Home
  • YohnCo

Master’s Challenge

Augusta isn’t the only place to win the coveted “Green Jacket” in April. But you won’t even have to practice. Just mention that your team is vying for it when you reserve the cleanup site.

The winner is based on the following factors: number of years helping with the community cleanup; difficulty of cleanup site; number of volunteers. A complex algorithm, shrouded in the tradition and mystery of the Masters, is used to help determine the winner.

Winning teams have their name embroidered on the Green Jacket. Master’s Challenge Title Holders include

  • 2017 – MBT Bank
  • 2016 – CL Tel
    2015 – Team VFW 4868
    2014 – North 35th Street Neighborhood
    2013 – Clear Lake Evening Lions
    2012 – Clear Lake Church of Christ
    2011- Association for the Preservation of Clear Lake
    2010 – Clear Lake Bank and Trust

To view locations, click the blue icon to enhance the map and then click the green icons to register.

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  • N. 35th Street Neighborhood
  • N. 40th from #122 to Main
  • Main Avenue 35th – 40th
  • 40th from Main to Highway 106


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