It’s about ALL OF US. It’s about the home we share.

It needs our care.

Clear Lake and the outdoors have always been synonymous. Stories about a beautiful lake drew the first settlers; that is what brings many of us here today.

We recognize that we can’t take this natural beauty for granted, however. It takes care and attention. We learned that harsh lesson as our clear waters became just a memory and swimming warnings were posted on beaches. In the midst of those headlines, this annual event started. This committee was just one of many groups working locally, statewide and even on the federal level to restore this important resource.

People made the difference then to restore the lake to its invaluable aesthetic and economic place in Iowa. People continue to make the difference today. The Clear Lake Earth Day Committee is a broad-based community committee with members of diverse interests, but a common goal of appreciating and caring for our local natural surroundings and its inhabitants.

The Committee’s goals are to: create an ecosystem awareness among Clear Lake residents of all ages, provide short and long-term opportunities to be stewards of these resources, and empower people to make a difference!

The Clear Lake Earth Day Committee includes community volunteers and representatives from a broad base of organizations including the Chamber, the City of Clear Lake, the state Department of Natural Resources, the schools, businesses, the CLEAR project, the Association for the Preservation of Clear Lake, Ventura, Central Gardens and others. It is a committee of the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.

Clear Lake’s week of activities was featured statewide as part of the Iowa Natural Heritage’s year-long 25th anniversary events.

Make a difference! Join the committee! Email or call 641-357-6333.


Clear Lake Earth Day Committee 2018:

Ron Andrews, Becke Dorenbush, Donna Dull, Andrea Evelsizer, Jennifer Larsen, Jan Lovell, Trish Funderman, Halie Greenwood, Cindy Richardson, Bri Sholly, Jim Sholly, Steven Story, Deb Tesar, Margo Underwood.

walnut hill in full bloom